The Benefits of Freeze Dried Raw

Written by: Lauren A.

Freeze-dried raw food is a great alternative for people who want to feed a raw diet but do not want the mess and hassle that comes with it. Freeze-dried has the ease and convenience of kibble, but is still very similar in ingredients as a raw diet.

Some of the main benefits of feeding freeze-dried raw food are:

-Better Skin and Coat

-Less likelihood of allergies

-Fresher breath

-Improves oral health

-Good for weight management

-Improves digestion

-Smaller and less smelly stools

-Entices picky eaters

-Overall improvement of health and immune system

Freeze-dried raw takes longer to create than frozen raw. Essentially, freeze dried raw locks in the nutrients of each ingredient without it changing in any way, unlike with cooked kibble or dehydrated foods . It is made from uncooked fresh foods with nearly all of the water content removed through the freeze drying process. Just like with humans, dogs need a variety of vitamins and minerals to maintain good health. In a freeze-dried diet they get all the nutrients and vitamins that their bodies need.

At The Puppy Pantry, we have a wonderful selection of freee-dried foods:

-Vital Essentials


-Stella and Chewy’s


-K9 Natural


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