Puppy Advice and Must Have Puppy Products

by Kaley Kight

For first time puppy owners, everything can be a little overwhelming. Whether this is your first dog ever or first puppy. Here are a few helpful tips along with a list of supplies that can help keep your life simple.

1.  First off establish a name. Once you have decided on a name for your new puppy use it all the time, consistently. The more you use it when talking to your pup the quicker it may learn it.

2.  Second, get a meal and bathroom schedule. This may be harder for some with a full work schedule, but it will make your life so much easier and help with house training too. This can be done by setting up a time schedule in which you feed your pup at the same time every day. With this you should also set up a bathroom schedule, for example as soon as you get up in the morning, after feeding in the morning and night, during the day, and right before bed. If you have to be away from your puppy for long periods of time, consider bringing your pup to our doggy daycare. Your puppy will be taken out frequently to potty and we will even give him his lunch if you provide one!

Some great products we carry to help house train your dog:

– jingle door bells

– puppy training pads

– cleaners, because accidents happen

3.  Third, nutrition is very important for a puppy, have have many different puppy foods, we will be sharing a post in the next few week all about puppy nutrition.

4. Fourth is training your new puppy. Training needs to be started immediately. You can check out youtube for different styles of training, I suggest Cesar Millan videos. We have many different types of treats that are great for training, such as the three different flavors of Cloud Star’s tricky trainers, new LOL treats, and many more.

– Some great treats we carry:

– Cloud Star’s tricky trainers

– freeze dried treats

– NEW LOL treats

– wag more bark less/ other biscuit treats

– We also carry harnesses and training collars for training your pup on a leash.

– Along with whistles and training clickers, or a spray can of air for a chastising tool ( this can be used along side training for when they bark or jump)

5.  Fifth is have plenty of chew toys. Puppies are teething and will chew on everything! We have plenty of chew toys, from soft and squeaky to tough and entertaining.

A lot of the plush toys we carry have a chew guard technology:

– Hugglehounds

– Go Dog!

– Tuffy and Mighty Toys

-Fluff and Tuff

We also have tough rubber toys:

– Busy Buddy, these are my personal go to toys, these can have treats added to the inside to keep your pup busy and the rubber is extremely tough

– West Paw toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, also a durable rubber

-Starmark toys

– We also have a large variety of natural chew treats anywhere from antlers, horns and hoofs to bully sticks, duck/chicken feet and beef bones.

Chewing is very good for a puppy’s teeth it will help those baby teeth to come out and keep them clean and their breath smelling good.

–  However, dogs will be dogs and if they decide they like your furniture or shoes better we have some deterrent sprays that will give it a bitter taste making the puppy not want to chew it.

For the last bit of advice is to keep your sanity in check. If you plan on taking your pup to the groomer do so as soon as he/she is old enough to get them used to it, makes your life and the groomers life easier. As well as touching their feet all the time, this will get them used to you touching them and hopefully making it easier to trim their nails in the future.

Good luck and if you ever have any questions come in to any of our locations and ask our employees, they are there to help.

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