At The Puppy Pantry we offer premium grooming services in our Grooming Salon!

Our stylists are expertly trained and use nothing but the best products and a gentle touch to make your pet look their best.

Call today for a custom breed quote or to make an appointment!
We also offer a variety of specialty services that your pet will love!
  • Pawdicure – We will soak your pet’s paws in a lavender scented, moisturizing bath. This is followed by a clean up of the hair between the paw pads and a nail grind.
    We finish it all up with some moisturizing paw balm.
  • Show Dog Bath – Treat your pet to this extra moisturizing, silky hair conditioning treatment. This strengthens the coat and boosts shine.
  • Calming Bath – We will bathe your pet in a special calming, lavender shampoo with chamomile oils.
  • Joint Health Bath – We will bathe your pet in a special, joint soothing shampoo. This
  • Massage Therapy – We will let your pet soak in a soothing bath with calming oils while we perform an 8 minute, relaxing massage to work out your pup’s sore spots.
  • Skin Cleansing Bath – This bath will treat stubborn skin issues and hot spots. Great for soothing itching, dry skin, hot spots and other skin irritants.