Grain Free Foods vs Grain Inclusive Foods

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by Julia Maresca

When it comes to picking the right food for your dog, there are many things to consider. Two of the most common questions are ‘should I feed grain free or grain inclusive?’ and ‘What is the difference ?’

Well, grain free foods are more easily digestible than foods with grains, as dogs’ intestines are not naturally meant to break down many grains, such as wheat or corn. However, there are some grains that are okay for certain dogs to eat, such as brown rice, oats, barley, and quinoa. Grain free diets use other plant resources instead of grains, such as potatoes, pumpkin, squash, carrots, and tapioca. Feeding a grain free diet is important for dogs with sensitive stomachs or food allergies/intolerance because it can help reduce them. Many dogs are allergic or intolerant to grains! Another perk of feeding a grain free diet is that it has more protein, so it will keep your dog fuller for longer and you do not have to feed as much food! This is an important factor since dogs can gain more weight on a grain free diet because they are lower in protein and higher in carbs. So, while grain inclusive is okay for some dogs to eat if they grains are healthy grains, all dogs can eat a grain free diet!

If you do decide to change your dog from a grain based food to a grain free food, make sure to gradually introduce the new food over the course of a few weeks, as to let your dog’s digestive system adjust without upsetting their stomach!

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