The Puppy Pantry proudly carries a variety of premium dog and cat foods

to meet your pet’s specific dietary needs


All of our foods are free of

Corn, Wheat & Soy, Artificial Dyes & Artificial Preservatives & By-Products

All of the foods carried at The Puppy Pantry have been carefully researched and chosen based on their ingredients and companies reputation, we strive to carry the very best in the industry. To that end we will never carry a food that has been contaminated with corn, wheat, soy, artificial dyes, artificial preservatives, by-products, ingredients from china, or anything else we would not feel comfortable feeding our own dogs!
At The Puppy Pantry we carry a large variety of quality brands. For questions regarding specific products or availability please feel free to contact one of our locations


Have a pet food question? Call or visit us today for a custom pet food consultation with one of our nutrition certified staff members